"Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding." - Proverbs 23:23

Academic Honesty and Christian Conduct

C.H.O.I.C.E.S is first and foremost a Christian high school. All student work must be original. Any form of cheating will not be tolerated. The first offense of plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment; a second offense of plagiarism will result in the student being dropped from the class.  No credit will be given and tuition will not be reimbursed.

Students are expected to treat each other and their teachers with respect. Foul/derogatory language will not be tolerated and students will be suspended from Google Meets until a parent/teacher conference is held and the student will be placed on a behavioral contract. 

Admissions Policy 

To best serve the needs of students, we will keep a student-to-staff ratio of less than 30:1. We will have a waiting list available once we have met that ratio. No student will be denied admission on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin. 

Admission Procedure

1 - Submit Application

2 - Pay Application Fee - Waived until July 15

3 - Attend Introductory Interview

4 - Verify Class Schedule

5 - Pay Registration Fee

6 - Set-Up Tuition Payment Plan

8 - Pay Tuition

9 - Attend Orientation 

Application fees, registration fees, and full tuition must be paid or monthly/semester payment arrangements must be made in order for students to remain in good standing. Failure to fulfill payment arrangements will result in classes being locked until payment is made. 

If a student withdraws after the first 2 weeks of school, no tuition will be reimbursed. Application and registration fees are non-refundable.


Parents and students will be required to attend a virtual orientation. This will be offered in several sessions to accommodate your schedules.

Teacher Availability

Our curriculum will be available at any time and anywhere the student is able to connect to Wi-fi. Teachers will be available via Google Meet daily.  Attendance is not required; however, we encourage students to join and use this time for extra help with assignments.  Teachers will strive to have all assignments graded on Fridays by 3:00 p.m. 

Virtual Parent/Teacher conferences will be held in the fall and the spring. Teachers will be closely monitoring student performance and will contact parents for additional conference times if necessary. Parents are also welcome to request a parent/teacher conference at any time. 

Dress Code

When students attend Google Meets, they are required to be dressed appropriately. Necklines must be up to the collarbone and shoulders and midriffs must be covered. 

Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 22.5 credits is required for graduation. Staff will meet with parents and students at enrollment and each semester to determine the student's class schedule. 

Students are required to have the following:

Language Arts  - 4 Credits

Math -   4 Credits

Science - 3 Credits

Social Studies - 3 Credits

Bible  -  2 Credits

Health - 1/2 Credit

*P.E. - 1/2 Credit

*Fine Arts - 1/2 Credit

Other Electives 5 Credits

*Fine Arts, Workplace Experience and up to 1 full P.E. Credit may be given for approved extracurricular activities.

Each semester course counts as 1/2 Credit

Grading Scale for General Curriculum

A: 90-100

B: 80 - 89

C: 70 - 79

D: 60 -69

F: Below 60

If a student is enrolled in concurrent or A/P classes, the grading scale may be different.

Extracurricular Elective Credits

Students can receive ½ elective credit for each extracurricular activity per semester. Students must log a minimum of 18 hours per semester in order to be granted credit. Students may only earn 1 full credit for P.E.

Extracurricular activities that qualify for Fine Arts Credit: 

 Music Lessons ⧫ Choir ⧫ Band ⧫ Art Lessons

Extracurricular activities that qualify for PE Credit: 

Sports ⧫ Karate/Taekwondo ⧫ Swimming

Other activities may qualify. 

Work Experience Credit

Juniors and Seniors can receive ½ elective credit per semester for having a job and turning in all of the required documentation.

Concurrent Classes

Students who choose to participate, will be enrolled in classes through Oklahoma Christian University. Each semester course counts as 1/2 credit on their high school transcript and as credit hours on their college transcript. Credits will transfer to another university.  

Students who pass one individual class will automatically be accepted into Oklahoma Christian University. Students who successfully complete one full year of college will automatically be accepted into Oklahoma Christian University with a $3,000 scholarship. Students who earn an associate degree will automatically be accepted into Oklahoma Christian University and awarded a $5,000 scholarship.  

Associate Degree Required Courses

*In order to finish the Associate Degree Program while in high school, students may have to take courses in the summer. These courses will cost $350 per course. 

General Tuition Grades 9-12

Annually $3800 - Bi-Annually* $2000 - Monthly* $500 (9 Installments)

*2.9% processing fee will be added to Bi-Annual and Monthly payments

Tuition covers up to six courses per semester. Additional Courses: $350 per course per semester

Tuition is nonrefundable after the 1st 14 calendar days of the school year

Other Courses may be required  for Seniors to fulfill the graduation requirement of 22.5 Credits  

Concurrent Courses are included in tuition; however, if a student would like to finish their associate degree while in High School, summer classes may be required at $350 per class.


Application Fee: $25 (waived through July 15)  - Annual Registration Fee: $200

Fees are nonrefundable